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CLEANING (ONE OFF CLEANS). End of Tenancy Cleans, Builders Cleans etc£3995.00

All you need for your very own Cleaning Business (One off Cleans, End of Tenancy Cleans, Builders Cleans etc). Not just the equipment but also the vital business tools to get your new enterprise up running and quickly established.

Package Includes

  • All the Necessary Equipment
  • A Tailor made Website (with relevant domain name, telephone number and 12 months free subscription)
  • 5,000 Promotional Leaflets
  • 500 Business cards
  • 500 Letter Heads
  • A Comprehensive Colour Instruction Manual
  • Promotional Material (Templates for Publicity Mail Shots)
  • A selection of Cleaning Chemicals
  • Safety Equipment
  • A Days Training Course


  • The Equipment

Commercial Vacuum. This can also be used for light Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning work.

Brush (Hard Yard Brush)

Brush (Soft Bristles)


Dust Pan and Brush

Extension Cable (always handy)

High Level 'Dust Buster' with extending pole


Scrubbing Brushes (a selection of)

Squeegee for windows (Large)

Squeegee for small windows (Small)

Step Ladders (for getting to the high places)

Storage/Tool Box (Large Heavy Duty Box to store the above)

  • Website

A Website will be built specifically for you. We'll get the domain name as close to your chosen business name as possible. The website will explain everything you do and how it's done. It will be carefully worded with appropriate photographs and illustrations. Naturally it will include your phone number and chosen email address. Your website will include 12 months free subscription!

  • Stationary

All stationary including letter heads (500) business cards (500) and promotional leaflets (5,000) will be designed specifically for you. These will include the business name of your choice, with your address, phone number, website and email address. Everything is in full colour and of a high quality.

  • Comprehensive Colour Instruction Manual

Included is a detailed manual that provides all the help and information you'll ever need to know about the business. In addition there's a supplementary manual that provides helpful information about working safely, plus plenty of tips about the general running of the business. Both manuals are provided on a USB memory stick.

  • Promotional Material

Included are some templates for Publicity Mail Shots, these can be printed off using any computer and printer. A wide selection of businesses have been selected that maybe interested in the services you offer. For example your local Letting Agents, may need a property thoroughly cleaned before the new tenants move in. We'll provide you with promotional letters in 'template form' for a variety of businesses, you simply fill in the address of the local businesses which may require your services and send them off. Simple!

  • Chemicals/Disposables

Anti Bacterial Spray

Bathroom Cleaning Spray

Bin Bags

Brillo Pads

Cotton Cloths

Degreaser (5 litres)

Floor Cloths (Pack of 10)

Glass Cleaner

Kitchen Cleaner Spray

Limescale Remover

Limescale Removing Tablets

Multi-Surface Polish Spray

Mould and Mildew Remover

Oven Cleaner

Rubble Sacks

Scouring Liquid

Scouring Pads

Sponge (Large)

Thick Bleach

Washing up Liquid

  • Safety Equipment

Ear Muffs (a precautionary measure as the vacuum is not loud).

Power Breaker (R.C.D) to prevent any possibility of an electric shock.

Latex Gloves (pack of 100)

A Safety Manual.

  • A Days Training Course

On the day you come to collect your equipment, We'll allocate the entire day to talking you through anything and everything you need to know. Answering any questions and passing on the useful knowledge gained during 25+ years in the trade.

  • A Brief Summary of the Business

This cleaning service is aimed primarily at cleaning empty houses/properties before the new occupiers move in. The customers could be landlords, estate agents, builders or the properties new owners. An empty property is always an easy one to clean as there's no clutter in the way. Using a tried and tested system an average sized property can be thoroughly cleaned by one person in a day.

The money for such work is plentiful as the landlord or estate agent pays you from the tenant's deposit. Alternatively new owners are more than happy to pay a good price for a fresh clean start. Although the service is essentially designed for empty houses, there's no restriction on the type of premises you can clean, offices, hotels, restaurants, in fact just about anywhere. Also it doesn't just have to be about 'One off Cleans' regular weekly/fortnightly cleans are another possible source of income.

Cleaning Business Opportunity for Sale


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