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Floor Sanding Franchise. Floor sanding Business Opportunity for Sale
Floor Restoration Business for Sale. Floor Sanding Franchise
Floor sanding restoration Business Opportunity for sale
A Floor Sanding Business Opportunity and Franchise for Sale


All you need to start your own business in the lucrative trade of Wooden Floor Sanding and Restoration. Wooden floors are everywhere but people to restore them are not, so that's a gap in the market you can fill. You will be provided with not just the equipment but also the vital business tools to get your new enterprise up running and quickly established.

Package Includes
  • Professional Floor Sanding Machines (New)
  • Additional Auxiliary Equipment (New)
  • A Tailor made Website (with relevant domain name, telephone number and 12 months free subscription)
  • 5,000 Promotional Leaflets
  • 500 Business cards
  • 500 Letter Heads
  • A Comprehensive Colour Instruction Manual
  • Promotional Material (Templates for Publicity)
  • A Selection of Floor Varnishes and Abrasive Papers
  • Safety Equipment
  • A Days Training Course


  • Professional Floor Sanding Machines (New Machines)

You are supplied with two new robust commercial floor sanders, one for the majority of the room the other for the edges. Big and powerful enough to tackle the largest jobs yet light enough to be picked up by one person.

Both machines have a completely self contained highly efficiency dust pick up facility and are renowned for there reliability and durability.

  • Additional Auxiliary Equipment (all new equipment)

Bolster Chisel (helps lift carpet grippers)

Claw Hammer

Cold Chisel (helps lift floorboard and useful for removing small amounts of concrete)

Coping Saw and spare blades (necessary for any small repair work)

Extension Cable

Junior Hacksaw and spare blades (for cutting metal threshold strip)

Hole Punch (for knocking down protruding nail heads)

Hand Sander (for light sanding before last coat of varnish)

Orbital Sander (small electric sander for doing the corners and tight spots)

Paint Pad (for applying varnish)

Pincers (for removing staples and nails etc in floor)

Refuse bags (for unwanted sawdust and used abrasive paper etc)



Screwdriver Set

Sieve and stirring stick for varnish

Stanley Knife

Tray for Varnish

Tape Measure

Vacuum (commercial heavy duty vacuum)

Vacuum Secondary 'Microtex' Filter ' (reduces need for bag in vacuum)

Wood Scraper

Two Large Tough Storage Boxes (one box for varnish the other for the auxiliary tools)

  • Website

A Website will be built specifically for you. We'll get the domain name as close to your chosen business name as possible. The website will explain everything you do and how it's done. It will be carefully worded with appropriate photographs and illustrations. Naturally it will include your phone number and chosen email address. Your website will include 12 months free subscription!

  • Stationery

All stationery including letter heads (500) business cards (500) and promotional leaflets (5,000) will be designed specifically for you. These will include the business name of your choice, with your address, phone number, website and email address. Everything is in full colour and of a high quality.

  • Comprehensive Colour Instruction Manual.

Included is a detailed colour manual that provides all the help and information you'll ever need to know about the business. In addition there's a supplementary manual that provides helpful information about working safely, plus plenty of tips about the general running of the business. Both manuals are provided on a USB memory stick.

  • Promotional Material

Included are some templates for Publicity Mail Shots, these can be printed off using any computer and printer. A wide selection of businesses have been selected that may be interested in the services you offer. For example your local flooring supplier/contractor may know of potential clients that don't need new floors, just there existing wooden floors restored and that's where you can help. We'll provide you with promotional letters in 'template form' for a variety of businesses, you simply fill in the address of the local businesses which may require your services and send them off. Simple!

  • A Selection of Floor Varnishes and Abrasive Papers

Four Tubs of Tough Hard Wearing Acrylic Floor Varnish

One Large Tub of Filler/Adhesive

50 sheets of 40 grit paper for large barrel sander

50 discs of 40 grit paper for 180mm disc sander

50 discs of 40 grit Velcro backed paper for 150mm orbital sander

50 sheets of 80 grit paper for large barrel sander

50 discs of 80 grit paper for 180mm disc sander

50 discs of 80 grit Velcro backed paper for 150mm orbital sander

  • Safety Equipment

Ear Muffs

Twin Respirator Mask with appropriate filters

Power Breaker (R.C.D) to prevent any possibility of an electric shock.

Safety Spectacles/goggles

Latex Gloves (pack of 100) useful when applying varnish

A Safety Manual.

  • A Days Training Course

An entire day will be dedicated to talking you through anything and everything you need to know. Answering any questions and passing on our useful knowledge gained during 25 years in the trade.


Floor Sanding Business Opportunity for Sale


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