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Q. How much experience does 'Low costs' have to pass on to us?

A. 'Low Costs' is based on a pilot business that's been offering these services since 1991.


Q. Is this a Franchise?

A. No we simply set you up with all the help you will ever need. There is no big brother breathing down your neck, it will be all yours.


Q. Are there any on going fee's (as in a Franchise)?

A. Absolutely not.


Q. Is it possible to specify our own equipment?

A. Ideally you should use the equipment we supply and recommend. However if you feel strongly (that for example a different kind of machine is necessary) then we can purchase it and adjust the price accordingly.


Q. So is there anything ever to pay again after the initial set up cost such as a percentage of our profits, commission, rental fees etc ?

A. No the one off fee (as shown on the relevant page) is all you will ever pay.


Q. Can I sell the Business if I decided it's not for me ?

A. Yes of course you can. Not only that if it's up and running then it's highly likely you will be able to sell it for more than you bought it. In addition to that it would of made you money on the journey, so it's a win win situation.


Q. How do 'Low Cost Start ups' make an income from selling these Business Opportunities?

A. The truth is we don't make much, however our contacts in the cleaning trade mean we can source the equipment more competitively than the general public. Experience building websites and promoting our business (which will be the same as yours) can be done quickly and efficiently.


Q. Is there any room for negotiation on the cost of the Business Package?

A. Sadly not, we have trimmed our profit margin down to the bone to provide you with the best business opportunity available. However should you decide to purchase two or more  of the businesses for example Pressure Washing and Carpet Cleaning then there may be some room for negotiation. It's certainly worth thinking about as the nature of all the businesses are related, so one can quite easily be added to another.


Q. Is this a get rich quick scheme?

A. No this is a realistic honest business opportunity, in which you should easily be earning approximately 4 times what is the minimum wage. Beware of those trying to con you into get rich schemes, inevitable they will be trying to sell you something that makes them rich and you very poor.


Q. How much can we expect to earn?

A. Expect to earn approximately 4 times the minimum wage  (approximately £28 per hour)  although on many occasions it will be considerably more.


Q. Are the services in demand?

A. There is a huge demand for all these services.


Q. Are the businesses safe?

A. Yes and you are provided with all necessary safety gear.


Q. Do we need any experience?

A. No we will teach you all there is to know, everything is kept as simple as possible. We are not believers in over complicating relatively simple processes with unnecessary and confusing information.


Q. How long will it take to set us up?

A. It will take us approximately 3 weeks to get everything up and running. Within this time your equipment will be available and a training day can be done. Your website should be up and running, advertising literature business cards and everything else in the package will be ready for you.


Q. How is a business valued?

A. A business as a general rule is valued at its annual profit multiplied by 3 so as you can see these businesses absurdly undervalued.


Q. Once we purchase the business do you have any control over us?

A. Absolutely none (unlike a franchisor) who will telling you how to run your business and demanding an income from it.


Q. Will I need a van for the business?

A. A van would help but it’s by no means essential.


Q. Do I need to keep the equipment in the van/car over night?

A. The businesses are designed specifically so as the equipment can be unloaded from the work vehicle at the end of each working day. All equipment is commercial yet nothing is ridiculously heavy.


Q. What shall we call our new business?

A. You can call it what ever you want. However we will be on hand for guidance if you can't think of anything. It's important to establish a name quite early on so we can incorporate it into the website address and promotional material. 


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